Six Steps To Taking Beautiful Baby Photos

Take Beautiful Baby Photos With These 6 Tips

Perfect Baby Photography in Six Steps

As we all know, A newborn baby brings so many joyful things to the world. Being a new parent is uncharted territory, so every new occurrence in a baby’s life is often picture-worthy. The first time the baby opens his eyes, click, the first spit up, click, the first smile, click; baby pictures are a way to capture every special moment.

New parents are often eager to share the first baby photos with family members and friends. Sending out a birth announcement with the first baby picture is almost customary. These generally include a baby photo, and the name and weight of the newest little family member.

Taking and sharing baby pictures is very simple, especially with the use of new camera technology and the Internet. With ease, any user can upload photos with a click of a button, and share their baby pictures online.

This is quite a departure from the past. Traditionally, film photography meant the creation of a baby book, filled with baby pictures, hospital memories, and words to document the experience. These days, digital cameras and the Internet make it easy to move baby pictures online, and upload photos to an online photo album. Virtual baby books and albums are much simpler to update and share with family members and friends.

New babies will never be able to escape the camera lens. Baby pictures are just a part of childhood and will forever document silly bath moments, special moments, and funny faces.A quality photograph of a baby can be quite a challenge to capture since babies want to keep moving, changing positions, and expressions.

Six Steps To Taking Beautiful Baby Photos

If you are a proud parent who wants to capture your baby’s “firsts” or you are just someone interested in photographing babies and infants, then read on. This article offers Six Steps To Taking Beautiful Baby Photos tips and tricks to make you capture your baby’s best moments! With the following simple tips, you can create professional quality baby photos in your very own home!

Baby Photography - Be Creative

Tip #1. Do capture the baby’s personality.

Babies are the most beautiful creatures. They are undeniably cute and so adorable. Tiny hands and little feet look as good, too.The great thing about taking your own baby photos is that you can snap away until you’re satisfied, and you can always try again — without charging yourself a single cent! Don’t settle for mediocre shots. Wait until you get the perfect memory. Don’t rush yourself, and let the baby shine through.

Tip #2. Don’t create “Where’s Waldo?”

If you’re creating a posed photo, it’s worth taking the time to clear the area of superfluous material. In other words, you’re taking pictures of the baby, not the toys, Binky, and bottles littering the floor. Even if you just pick them up and throw them on the couch, it’s better than having them cluttering your photograph.

Does that mean you can’t use props? Absolutely not! Simple props like blankets, bowls, and baskets can look fantastic when you put them together in an artistic and interesting way. Just make sure you’re not cramming your baby photos with so much stuff that you can’t even find the baby.

Tip #3 Don’t fear the birthday suit.

You’re probably starting to see the focus of this article: keep your camera trained on baby. And that means not hiding that adorably pudgy body beneath loose, baggy clothing. You don’t have to photograph your baby naked, but it can create a beautiful and adorable memory. Babies have naturally sweet and soft bodies, and you can highlight that innocence by photographing babies in their birthday suits.

Tip #4 Use the Right Settings,positioning and lighting’s .

As a beginner it is easiest to get started snapping in aperture priority and to keep the shutter above range 1/250. Be carefull-

  • Natural light from an open window provides the best lighting for your photo session
  • If you’re taking pictures outdoors, find a shady spot under a tree or umbrella.Literally.
  • Getting down to their eye level gives you the best position advantage to capture your baby’s most memorable moments.


Your baby is one creature who loves to move around. If you want to capture his moves, set your camera to action mode. Zoom in and take close up baby pictures. Close up pictures best capture your baby’s personality and emotions. Get rid of distractions like the crib or the sheets if they’re unimportant in the picture.

Tip #5 Make photographing your baby a habit.

We always love to look at a smiling baby’s picture. But a pout or a frown works magic as well. Check and follow this tips-

  • Time your baby’s photo session during the time of the time when he’s most cheerful – in the mornings. A well-fed and well-rested baby also will also be more cooperative.
  • As your baby grows up, there will be so many “firsts”. First smile, first steps, first coo, first haircut – the list can go on. To capture these many “firsts” you need to have a camera close by always.


You never knew when you should push the click button.With babies and infants, a few shots may not be enough. Babies are unpredictable and so moody that you may need to take shots in a hundred before you can really say that “Wow, this is it!”

Tip #6 Capture all moods.

We always love to look at a smiling baby’s picture. But a pout or a frown works magic as well. Time your baby’s photo session during the time of the time when he’s most cheerful – in the mornings. A well-fed and well-rested baby also will also be more cooperative.

If you prefer clothed babes, that’s fine too. Just make sure you dress them for your baby photos in neat, well fitting clothes. There’s really no need to doll them up in infant-sized suits and frilly dresses. Stick to the basics: a diaper, a soft blanket, or a plain one piece sleeper. That way, the focus stays on the baby, not the outfit.

Now that you know how to take baby photo , it’s time to enter your cute baby photo. Happy shooting!

Love Elizabeth Salib